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World Safari II

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The Bwana says.....

Welcome to Compass' World Safari II. This will be an enjoyable series of flights around the globe over a full twelve months. We invite all members of the VATPAC and VATNZ communities to join with us for this event.

We will commence our Safari on 28 June 2009 and we'll depart from Sydney, returning here in just on 12 months time. In the interim we'll have traveled the globe and seen much. So come and see the world with the Bwana as your guide!


The Safari will usually fly the same time each week. We'll look at getting going around 0400Z, that's 1400 AEST, 1600 NZST and 1200 AWST. This time may vary slightly depending on the length of the leg and what else is on that weekend, if we do change then we'll give you plenty of notice.

As always we want lots of screen shots of each and every leg. Post your screen shots to the special safari forum. If you're not a Compass member, no problems, but you'll still have to register for our forums to post and vote. If you can't bring yourself to register, but would like to submit an image or video then email it to c......@compass-virtual.net

Leg 24

This week we turn south and start the run home, it's out of Kai Tak, across the South China Sea and off to Brunei.

For Kai Tak scenery it's either Fly Tampa or 9 Dragons, both are superb.

For Brunei check the usual websites, there was good scenery for older versions of FS but it is lacking for FS9 and FSX

The route is:


For Kai Tak we have this older package from VATSIM

Anyone who can find some Brunei charts please give us a yell

Plans from the Compass Dispatch Department

The Compass Dispatch team will create flight plans for each leg and publish them here each fortnight. Click on the link to download the full collection as a zip file. Thanks to the Animal for the FSX plan. If there is a format missing from the collection that you would like please let us know.


Bwana's Itinerary:

  • 28th Jun 09 Sydney - Alice Springs (YSSY-YBAS)
  • 12 Jul 09 Alice Springs - Perth (YBAS-YPPH)
  • 26 Jul 09 Perth - Singapore (YPPH-WSSS)
  • 9 Aug 09 Singapore - Maldives (WSSS-VRMM)
  • 23 Aug 09 Maldives - Nairobi (VRMM-HKJK)
  • 06 Sep 09 Nairobi - Dubai (HKJK-OMDB)
  • 20 Sep 09 Dubai - Istanbul (OMVB-LTBA)
  • 04 Oct 09 Istanbul - Moscow Domodedovo (LTBA-UUDD)
  • 18 Oct 09 Moscow - Copenhagen (UUDD-EKCH)
  • 15 Nov 09 Copenhagen - Glasgow (EKCH-EGPF)
  • 29 Nov 09 Glasgow - Keflavik (EGPF-BIKF)
  • 13 Dec 09 Keflavik - Kangerlussuaq (BIKF-BGSF)
  • 27 Dec 09 Kangerlussuaq - Boston (BGSF-KBOS)


  • 10 Jan 10 Boston - Bermuda (KBOS-TXKF)
  • 24 Jan 10 Bermuda - St Maarten (TXKF-TNCM)
  • 07 Feb 10 St Maarten - Rio de Janeiro (TNCM-SBGL)
  • 21 Feb 10 Rio de Janeiro - Buenos Aires (SBGL-SAEZ)
  • 07 Mar 10 Buenos Aires - Santiago (SAEZ-SCEL)
  • 21 Mar 10 Santiago - Tahiti (SCEL-NTAA)
  • 04 Apr 10 Tahiti - Honolulu (NTAA-PHNL)
  • 18 Apr 10 Honolulu - Osaka Kansai (PHNL-RJBB)
  • 02 May 10 Osaka - Beijing (RJBB-ZBAA)
  • 16 May 10 Beijing - Kai Tak (ZBAA-VHHX)
  • 30 May 10 Kai Tak - Brunei (VHHX - WBSB)

  • 13 Jun 10 Brunei - Cairns (WBSB - YBCS)
  • 27 Jun 10 Cairns - Sydney (YBCS-YSSY)


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