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Compass: In There for the Long Haul

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We are celebrating our tenth year all year long!

Welcome to the special celebrations for out tenth birthday! We're pretty proud that we've lasted this long and that we're still going strong, 10 years is a long time in the Virtual Airline world, where most startups don't see the first couple of months, let alone the first year. We're heading for our first decade and we've decided to celebrate with a year long festival of long haul flights.

Each month from 11th September 2010 (the day after our 9th Birthday) until 10th September 2011 (when we hit double figures) we'll celebrate by doing one of the things that Compass set out to do from the very beginning, long haul flights. We'll finish up with the final three flights being a long haul marathon around the globe in just two stops with a series of connected flights Sydney-Los Angeles - Dubai - Sydney. On each of these legs the Compass team will reveal the special liveries we've created just for our 10th Birthday.


Timings, other useful stuff.

The flights will take place on a Saturday, put aside the whole day, as some of these flights are long ones. Your loved ones will need to be advised in advance. We'll try and start early in the morning Austraian time (in ZULU time this will usually be the day before, so work it out carefully) so we're done early evening to let people head out, that may get you a few brownine points back with the Chief Flight Attendant. During the flight we'll usually fire up on the Compass company frequency (130.25 rw1.vatpac.org/compass_ops) for a yack along the way.

Equipment: These flights vary in length, a few of the longer ones will only suit the B77W / B77L / A345 / A388 while most will be manageable in the B744. A few will be possible in the MD11 or the B763. We are hoping that PMDG may have their B777 out early in 2011, if not our FSX pilots will be a little limited for choice of aircraft. Even the longest flight should be possible in the B744 with really light loads.

As always we want lots of screen shots of each and every leg. Post your screen shots to the special screen shot forum. If you're not a Compass member, no problems, but you'll still have to register for our forums to post. If you can't bring yourself to register, but would like to submit an image or video then email it to c......@compass-virtual.net

Time Left Until Our 10th Birthday:

10 Sep 2011

The final flight in our year ling celebration. Dubai to Sydney, We'll depart Dbai at 2200 ZULU on Firday 09 Sep. This is 0800 on Saturday monning 10 Sep 11 Australian Eastern Standard Time. Our route will use a Flex Track so we'll publish the route on the day before or the morning of the flight.


Dubai Charts

Sydney charts available from Airsevices Australia

Plans from the Compass Dispatch Department

The Compass Dispatch team will create flight plans for each leg and publish them here each fortnight. Click on the link to download the full collection as a zip file. Thanks to the Animal for the FSX plan. If there is a format missing from the collection that you would like please let us know. Many of these routes will use a flex track that will not be available until the night before or the day of the flight.

All three of the final legs use flex routes which will be published close to or on the day of the flight.

Our Itinerary:

  • 11 Sep 10 Christchurch - Singapore (NZCH-WSSS)
  • 09 Oct 10 Buenos Aires - Sydney (SAEZ-YSSY)
  • 20 Nov 10 Auckland - Vancouver (NZAA-CYVR)
  • 11 Dec 10 New York - Hong Kong (KJFK-VHHH)
  • 08 Jan 11 Singapore - London (WSSS-EGLL)
  • 12 Feb 11London - Rio de Janeiro (EGLL-SBGL)
  • 12 Mar 11Sao Paulo - Dubai (SBSP-OMDB)
  • 09 Apr 11 Singapore - New York (WSSS-KJFK)
  • 07 May 11 New York - Johannesburg (KJFK-FAJS)
  • 11 Jun 11 Johannesburg - Sydney (FAJS-YSSY)
  • 09 Jul 11 Sydney - Los Angeles (YSSY-KLAX)
  • 13 Aug 11 Los Angeles - Dubai (KLAX-OMDB)
  • 10 Sep 11 Dubai - Sydney (OMDB-YSSY)



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