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New Pilots small logo First Flight

Flying your first flight with Compass!

Welcome to Compass.  This series of pages is designed to take you through your first flight with us and get you set up to enjoy the virtual aviation opportunities that Compass offers.

Basics  Once you have filled out the Application form (see the Sign Up With Compass link from the Main Page) you will receive your Compass Pilot Number. You are then set to fly your first Compass flight. Two flights are used for our first flight training flights, for Australian pilots it is YMA645, a Embraer E195 service from Brisbane to Hamilton Island and return (YMA646, Hamilton Island to Brisbane),

What you will need is:

  • Flight Simulator (which ever version you prefer)
  • Appropriate scenery - for FSX Brisbane is covered by both Orbx and Ant's Aussie Airports (availalbe from OzX)
  • The Compass Embraer E195. We recommend the feelThere Embraer (the 195 is in volume 2, which can be purchased as a stand alone from PCAviator or the Flight Sim Shop.
  • This guide should be read in conjunction with the tutorial in the feelThere Embraer manual.
  • All these add ons are available from the links panel at left
  • Texture sets for the Embraer are availalbe on our website here
  • The official company flight plans for Brisane to Hamilton Island and return. You can get these through CADS or VAFS.
  • The various DAP charts for Brisbane and Hamilton Island from the Airservices Australia website (link under the Planning section on the top menu of our site)



A number of optional extras can be included to make your flight more enjoyable:

  • FSInn, our preferred VATSIM pilot client. Our own Steve Cotterill (Oz Animal) is the guru, drop him a line in the forums and he'll help get you set up.
  • Squawkbox - this program provides also online ATC over the net.
  • Pilots wishing to fly online with VATSIM will need to register separately with them (select Oceania as your Region and select VATPAC as your Division if you are in Australia or VATNZ if you are in New Zealand), obtain a pilot ID number (PID)

Once you have all this you are ready to start planning your flight.


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