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Equipment Varies Policy

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Ever seen the symbol EQV for aircraft type on an airline timetable?

It stands for EQuipment Varies and it means that different types operate this service on different days. This can be as simple as a mix of variants of one type (say a 737-300 one day and a 737-400 the next) to big changes, say a 737 to a 767.

Compass has decided to allow pilots to replicate this situation in their operations. It will allow pilots to operate routes normally flown by other types and increase the range of flights available to crews.

The way this works is that you stay on your currently rated type and can use that type to fly routes usually flown by other types.

PLEASE NOTE This does not prevent Compass pilots from flying any type they choose at any time. However you only accumulate hours towards promotion on your current rated type, or the equivalent Airbus/MD type.

To take advantage of this system simply fly the flights and report them at the end of the week. Please add the EQV code to the comments field of either the online or email flight report forms.


B717-200 Embraer Ejet crews may operate any domestic sector normally operated by B737NG aircraft, using the E195 or E175.

CRJ/B712 Pilots may substitute the CRJ or B717-200 for any E195/E175 service (or an EQV service suitable for the E195/E175)


Crew may operate any domestic or international service usually operated by the B787/A330, with the exception of services to Coolangatta, Wellington or Apia. They may operate any B744/A380 service to Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, or the US. Services to/from the US may make a refueling stop in Honolulu or Pago Pago if required.

MD11 Pilots may substitute the MD11 for any B777-300ER service (or an EQV service suitable for the B773)


Crew may operate any service normally operated by Embraer aircraft using the B737 or A320. They may operate any domestic service normally operated with the B787-8/A330. In addition they may use the B737NG (either type) on any trans-Tasman service and any B787-9/A330 service between Cairns and/or Darwin to Indonesia and Singapore. They may operate any service in the Pacific within range of Australia or New Zealand. While the B737 is scheduled for international service due to it's longer range, and the B738 programmed for all domestic 737NG routes, either type may operate either internationally or domestically (within range constraints).


The extra-long range type may fly any B787/A330 or B747/A380 route without restriction.


Crews may operate any domestic sector normally operated by B737/A320 aircraft. They may operate any B772/A340 service to North America via Honolulu and any B772/A340 service to any Asian destination. Range may dictate the use of the 787-9 only for some routes.

B767-300 Pilots may substitute the B763 for any B787-8/A330 service (or an EQV service suitable for the B788/A330)


Crews may operate any service normally operated by the B773 or B789 (within range constraints for the 744). In addition they may operate the following domestic B788/A330 sectors: Sydney-Brisbane, Brisbane-Sydney, Sydney-Perth, Perth-Sydney, Sydney-Melbourne, Melbourne-Sydney, Melbourne-Perth, Perth-Melbourne

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