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Your Virtual Career

Compass is unlike most other virtual airlines. We don't have a totally unrealistic career structure with junior this and senior that and a multitude of fleet captain and other ranks with an ever expanding range of aircraft you can fly. At Compass it's more like the real thing. You learn your craft in the right hand seat first. We expect you to pass through a number of types in the Compass fleet and then on promotion to Captain, you choose the type you wish to remain on. If you prefer island hopping through the South Pacific then perhaps the B737-800 or A320 is the go for you. If you like the busy destinations of South East Asia then perhaps the B767-300 or A330 is more your style. If you like long haul flying to far away places then the A340, A380, B777-200 or the B747-400 will suit you best. It's *your* choice. Captains may also transfer between streams via a special conversion course (see below) Once you reach Senior Captain you may transfer type if you wish, and also change streams (after the appropriate conversion training). On doing so you revert to the rank of Captain, and are ineligible for transfer until you again reach the rank of Senior Captain.

Airbus and Boeing

From October 2017 the B787 Dreamliner joins the fleet. This requires a slight streamlining of our previous career progression pathway. After their initial period on the Embraer pilots will be asked to elect for either the Boeing or Airbus stream. Further progression is in that stream. This does not prevent use of the EQV rules to fly other types (including types in the other stream), however only hours on your current rated type in your stream are used in calculating your eligibility for promotion.

FO Embraer Ejet (E195 & E175)

After 50 hours promoted to:

Boeing Stream

Airbus Stream


After 75 hours promoted to:

FO A320

After 75 hours promoted to:

FO B787/B777/B747

After 200 hours promoted to:

FO A330/A380

After 200 hours promoted to:

Captain, choice of Boeing type

After 500 hours promoted to:

Captain, choice of Airbus type

After 500 hours promoted to:

Senior Captain, choice of Boeing type

Type transfer on request

Senior Captain, choice of Airbus type

Type transfer on request

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