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All of these links are related in some way to simming. Please let us know if you find a dead link

General Flightsim Sites

  • One of the best flight sim sites anywhere.
  • AVSIM Another great flight sim site.
  • Simflight The third of the big three flight sim sites
  • Simviation (No, it's not a typo!) Another large collection of add ons etc.
  • OzFlightSim Another all-Australian site

Scenery, Aircraft & Panels

Online ATC

  • VATSIM The global Virtual ATC Organisation
  • VATSIM Chart Collection
  • VATOCE The Oceania region of VATSIM
  • VATPAC The Australian and Pacific division of VATSIM
  • VATNZ The New Zealand division of VATSIM
  • VRC The all new, all singing, all dancing controller client
  • ASRC The other all new, all singing, all dancing controller client.
  • SquawkBox Online client for use on the VATSIM network
  • RouteFinder Does just what the name says, develops routes and briefing packages.
  • GndMaker Sector file creation utility
  • ServInfo Best utility for online flying
  • WhazzUp Great utility for on line flying
  • FSUIPC A must have, for FS generally, not just online ATC
  • Bob Andrepont's list of links to free charts approach plates and more- a sensational resource
  • NAVDATA A fantastic site with databases up to date with the latest AIRAC cycle and NAT-Tracks
  • Dutch VACC VATSIM site for The Netherlands.
  • FIRWien Austrian VATSIM site.
  • VATSIM-UK The VASIM site for the UK
  • Hellenic VACC Greek VATSIM site
  • Canada VATCAN (Canada) site for all Canadian FIR's
  • VATUSA The VATSIM site for the United States
  • LA ARTCC A VATSIM site for Southern California and surrounds. A large number of useful charts and information.
  • VATKOR VATSIM Korea site
  • VATROC VATSIM Republic of China site
  • VatsimJAPAN Japanese VATSIM site
  • South African Virtual Pilot South African site with full range of charts etc.

Commercial Suppliers:

  • PC Aviator Australian based supplier of all things flight sim
  • Computer Pilot The magazine for computer pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts
  • PMDG Precision Manuals Development Group. Simply the most detailed, stunning B737NG addon yet seen for FS.
  • Phoenix Simulation Software Simply outstanding B777, B747 and A320 panels with all the bells and whistles. Cheap too.
  • Jeppesen The real life supplier of charts. SimCharts are great for simming

Real Life Sites:


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